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3 Tips for a Successful Alcohol Intervention

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It’s perfectly normal to worry about a loved one who’s struggling with substance use. One common method of helping is to stage an alcohol intervention. Oftentimes, you only get one good chance to have one. Therefore, we offer you these three tips to aid you in holding an alcohol intervention in Philadelphia but call the intervention experts at ADT to help you.  We have over 300 successful drug and alcohol interventions in the Philadelphia area.  You may have seen me on the hit TV show on A&E Interventions.


Plan Intervention ahead with family members

A spontaneous intervention is never a successful one. Plan ahead by selecting the invitees, location, date and time. It is also wise to hold a practice run beforehand.

Be sure to have multiple treatment options available ahead of time. Speak with the potential treatment facilities to ensure that are ready to take in your loved one. Visit the location and do your due diligence.

Plan transportation with a sober escort for your loved one. Pack a bag so he/she can head to treatment as soon as the intervention is over. Time is of the essence. If too much time passes between the intervention and the start of treatment, your loved one may get cold feet or give in to temptations.  Our guide to Family resources may help you with more information.

Stay Positive

Although it’s not easy, it’s vital that you stay positive and supportive throughout the process. When it’s your time to confront your loved one during the intervention, don’t judge or place blame. Use the facts of your experiences with them plainly while making sure they know you care about them and only want what’s best for them.

Prepare for the Worst

Keep in mind that your loved one might not be receptive to what you have to say. They might storm off, refusing to go to rehab. Prepare for anger and denial in the form of verbal abuse or accusations. Prepare for the idea that you might need to call the police if things get violent and spiral out of control. The best way to prepare for the worst is by having one of our qualified and experienced professionals, who been through it all before, by your side.

Along with our 3 tips for a successful intervention we have more information finding an interventionist here in the Philadelphia area.

If someone you truly care about is struggling with substance abuse and you’d like to set up an alcohol intervention in Philadelphia or surrounding areas or another area in the country, please contact us as soon as possible by calling 888-972-8513

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