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With something as personal as an intervention, knowing who you’re working with is extremely important . Establishing trust early on between the interventionist, the family, and the loved one in need is key to maximizing the chances of a successful intervention.

To this end, I choose to be entirely transparent about my own personal history with addiction, my personal journey to recovery, and how I became the person I am today. I have made mistakes in my life—mistakes your loved ones may be on the path to making, or may have even already made. I’ve been at the bottom of the hole. Climbing out is no easy task, but it’s not impossible. Over the last 10 years that I have worked as a professional interventionist, I have come across cases some would describe as “hopeless”—this is never the case. A case becomes hopeless only when the people who love that person give up on them.

Today I am happy, healthy, and looking to help others on their own paths to recovery. Thanks to my ongoing recovery—fifteen years and counting— I’m a proud, present, and loving father of two beautiful daughters. During my battle with addiction, the life I lead today seemed like a distant pipe dream. Today, I have the privilege of being able to call that dream my life.

Since I entered recovery, my personal mission has become saving others from the disease that nearly consumed my life. Please read on to learn a bit more about how my unique inside perspective into addiction has become an indispensable asset in my pursuit of bringing help to those who need it the most.

What Makes Us Different

Since finding his own recovery, Jim Reidy has been executing professional interventions for ten years now, full time with addiction treatment group. This is his sole purpose and passion. He is a renowned interventionist to the point where he was contacted by A&E’s hit television show Intervention and will be featured saving a life in prime-time September of 2019.

He has over four hundred successful interventions to date and has experience with every dynamic, in every state, suffering from every type of addiction. Jim truly specializes in connecting with the lost, bridging the gaps in family systems, and coaching families into long term recovery!

First drink age 12. Last drink age 39. A whole lot of pain in between. The hardest part about stopping alcohol or drug abuse is not putting down the drink or drug it’s not picking up a drink or a drug.

From the very first time I felt the effects of alcohol I knew I was in trouble not because I loved it, or it made me feel like superhuman it just made me feel ok. There were not too many failures or circumstances that life could deal out that would trump the feeling of having to feel ok. No failures in school no DUIs no Jail no job no relationship failures would come in between myself and feeling ok.

I am not a horrible person; I have a horrible disease. The stage of where everyone has written you off and the poor choices you have made begin to define your legacy on this planet. When everyone near and dear to you says why won’t he/she just stop and under any and all conditions you still continue to use then welcome to hell. To go thru life with a plastic bag pulled down tight over your face and the only way your brain tells you to breathe is to use welcome to hell.

I am 15 years sober of any mind-altering chemical this is possible and there is a way out you as a family member need to get out of your own way and do something extraordinary. The start of this process is to get very comfortable being uncomfortable.

At Addiction Treatment Group, we offer a variety of services ranging from drug and alcohol intervention to sober escorts. We know that your family is going through a very difficult time, and we want to make the process of getting your loved one the help they need as easy as possible. As our staff has gone through similar experiences, they understand exactly what you are feeling and how to best handle the situation. Sober Companion Services provides safe and reliable sober escort services to and from rehab.

Depending on the severity of the individual’s addiction and their degree of compliance, our consultants can recommend the best course of action. Whether your loved one is ready to admit they have a problem and need help or require a hard-hitting intervention, we will do everything within our power to get them on the right path. Once they have accepted that they need to enter a rehabilitation program, we can help you find the right one and ensure they get there safely.

I have a blog post on family support and treatment that I feel will help give you some guidance and after reading my post feel free to call me. There is no charge to talk to me and explain how the drug or alcohol addict is doing and how it’s affecting everyone in the family.


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