prescription drug abuse

Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription Drug Abuse Prescription drugs have soared in popularity in the past two decades and are now the most abused substances in the world behind alcohol and marijuana. Access to prescription drugs is plentiful in the United States, and the rate of prescription drug addiction has reached epidemic levels. CALL NOW 267-970-7623 FAST FACTS: Prescription …

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addiction recovery amidst coronavirus

Addiction Recovery amidst Coronavirus

Addiction Recovery amidst Coronavirus By Amy Dresner 03/26/20 Addiction recovery amidst coronavirus makes isolation is the breeding ground not just for loneliness but for depression and negative thoughts to take over like some evil dictator. My roommate finally found toilet paper after weeks of searching and while he was walking home from CVS with 12 rolls in …

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social distancing

Sober Fun while Social Distancing

Sober Fun while social distancing As Alcoholics Anonymous meetings go online because of coronavirus fears, some in the recovery community worry that won’t be enough Sober fun while social distancing is a challenge for people who struggle with addiction, staying sober can be a daily challenge, even in the best of times, with a stable …

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philadelphia addiction treatment

Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse Millions of people in America are experimenting with drugs like marijuana and cocaine. While some people are able to remain casual drug users, many people go on to abuse drugs. In order to understand drug abuse, we must first understand the difference between drug use, drug abuse and drug addiction.  What is Drug …

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alcoholics anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous may be the most effective path to abstinence

Alcoholics Anonymous may be the most effective path to abstinence Alcoholics Anonymous is a worldwide support fellowship with a goal to achieve sobriety, may be the most effective path to abstinence for people struggling with alcohol use disorder, according to a comprehensive analysis published Wednesday. Since its inception in 1935, Alcoholics Anonymous and its effects …

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drug addiction in Indiana

Drug Addiction in Indiana

Drug Addiction in Indiana Today, a woman from northwest Indiana and her family finally got to that bittersweet place. Bitter, because it’s a dark and defeated space. It’s brokenness, loneliness, and hopelessness. Sweet, because it’s the point of desperation, self surrender, and willingness to try something new. To reach up for that flimsy reed and …

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