Role of Addiction Counselor in the Drug Addiction Treatment

The role of counselors in drug addiction treatment is often misunderstood by the public at large. If you or someone close to you is preparing to enter or have already enrolled in a treatment facility, you should take comfort in knowing that addiction counselors aren’t at all there to intimidate or punish! Understanding their role will not […]

Overcoming Addiction Stigmas for a Successful Recovery

As you know, addiction is a serious problem that can take a lot of work to overcome. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions about addiction and addiction treatment, which has led to a number of stigmas – for example, that addicts simply don’t have the willpower to quit. Stigmas make it more difficult for […]

How to Support an Addict Who Has Relapsed

Helping a friend or loved one through the process of recovery after going through a drug addiction treatment center from an addiction can be difficult enough – watching as they relapse can be absolutely devastating. It can often make you feel like your efforts to help them were in vain. However, the road to recovery […]


There are millions of Americans trapped in addiction. We feel broken, as if no one understands what we are going through. We need inspiration, some messages to appear along our journey to give us the courage and motivation to stay on the sober path. The best way to stay on the path is through changing […]

What to do When Outside Issues Threaten your Sobriety

You’re cruising along in the calm and peaceful sea of sanity and suddenly a gale force wind blows across your bow. Out of nowhere, your peace has been arrested and you find yourself, once again, in the throes of obsession and compulsion. What do you do? There are a number of real-world circumstances that can […]

Consider These Factors Before Choosing an Addiction Treatment Center

Opting for the right alcohol and drug rehab center for your loved one or yourself might be a complex and overwhelming process. Sadly, with the emergence of the opioid pandemic, addiction treatments have seen an influx in deceptive marketing and unethical practices by drug rehab professionals who are concerned about monetary gain more than anything […]

Remember an Addict or Alcoholic can not keep up his use without enablers!!

Addiction Enablers? It’s not easy when a loved one is an addict because we want to help them but sometimes we become addiction enablers.  We recognize that the addict shows up with recurring themes that people with addiction struggle with – grief, anxiety, shame, perfectionism, vulnerability, trust, and no boundary setting. The intervention assumes the picture […]

Is Resentment Inhibiting Your Loved One’s Addiction Recovery Process?

Letting go of resentment is hard for a lot of people, but most can move past those feelings. However, most addicts who are full of resentment have a harder time leaving these feelings behind. Furthermore, resentment is often one of the catalysts that cause the individual to relapse or not make the most out of […]


When you can admit you have an addiction, you begin to reflect that the people who mean the most to you have been affected by your actions. Recovery is a bumpy process that can be unpredictable. As you try to get sober, the mind can keep bringing you back to your addictive nature. It is […]

A Simple Solution to Seeking Rehab Facilities

As we are dealing with an addiction that is so strong even our best efforts are no€™t enough to overcome, our lives are turned upside down without any realization. We do no€™t want our friends and colleagues to become aware of our situation, so we avoid the stress and embarrassment of specialized facilities and try […]