Xanax club scene drug

Xanax Addiction and Abuse

Xanax is a powerful benzodiazepine that is often prescribed to treat generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), panic disorders and insomnia. It is extremely addictive when used long-term. Xanax is the number one prescribed psychiatric medication in the United States. Seventy percent of teens with a Xanax addiction get the drug from their family’s medicine cabinet. Tolerance to Xanax develops …

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social distancing

Sober Fun while Social Distancing

Sober Fun while social distancing As Alcoholics Anonymous meetings go online because of coronavirus fears, some in the recovery community worry that won’t be enough Sober fun while social distancing is a challenge for people who struggle with addiction, staying sober can be a daily challenge, even in the best of times, with a stable …

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safe injection sites philly

Federal judge rules safe injection site can legally open in Philly

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — A federal judge in Philadelphia ruled Wednesday that the Controlled Substances Act does not prohibit the operation of a supervised injection site. The ruling was a victory for the nonprofit Safehouse, which hopes to open a facility where people with addictions could use drugs under medical supervision so help would be instantly …

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Star of TV’s ‘Intervention’ helps two drug-addicted Northwest Indiana women get into rehab

Get into rehab As soon as Jenny walked into her parents’ living room in Kouts, and realized what was happening, she bolted out the back door. Her brother gave chase. She hopped a fence. He tackled her. She bit and hit him. Inevitably, the police showed up. Jenny had two options: Go to jail or …

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drug and alcohol interventionist Philadelphia Pa

Interventionist in Philadelphia

Interview With Philadelphia Interventionist It was 7:00 AM in Aston, PA located in Delaware County on a cold January morning. The night before I participated in an intense  family education process with the Philadelphia interventionist. A group of 15 of us approached the front door of the home. To our surprise it was barricaded from the …

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pennsylvania opioid crisis

Pennsylvania Opioid Crisis

The Pennsylvania opioid crisis- Where to find help By Kelsey Eisenbeis | January 28, 2019 | Opioids, Philadelphia Rehab, Rehab in PA | opioid addiction, Pennsylvania drug rehab |  Like | Leave a comment | Every year, opioid addiction impacts the lives of thousands of people across America. Pennsylvania is among the states that have been hit the worst by this crisis. In 2016, a report by the C.D.C revealed …

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