Opioid crisis

BOSTON (AP) — The Sackler name is emblazoned on the walls at some of the world’s great museums and universities, including the Smithsonian, the Guggenheim and Harvard. But now the family’s ties to OxyContin and the painkiller’s role in the deadly opioid crisis are bringing the Sacklers a new and unwanted kind of attention and complicating their […]

The Dangers of Benzos

Benzos are reaching epidemic levels in the U.S. Chief of Addiction Medicine and researcher at Stanford University Medical Center, Dr. Anna Lembke has spoken of her concerns about benzodiazepine prescribing, “Doctors also tend to overestimate the benefits. Long-term use can make insomnia, mood, and anxiety worse.”  These medications are supposed to be prescribed in low doses and for short periods of time, due to […]

Scientists closer to finding inherited traits in addiction

Scientists have concluded that the risk of addiction is a complex combination of both genes and environmental influences. Despite advances in the science of genetics, it has been extremely difficult to identify the possible genetic contributions to addiction because it likely involves a combination of inherited variants in multiple genes. To find answers related to nicotine addiction, […]

What is Drugged Driving

Drugged driving is driving under the influence of legal or illegal substances. Many people know that it isn’t safe to drive after drinking alcohol. It’s also unsafe to drive after using illicit drugs or after misusing prescription drugs. Driving under the influence of drugs is dangerous not just for the person using drugs, but also for passengers and other […]

Pennsylvania Opioid Crisis

The Pennsylvania opioid crisis- Where to find help Every year, opioid addiction impacts the lives of thousands of people across America. Pennsylvania is among the states that have been hit the worst by this crisis. In 2016, a report by the C.D.C revealed that opioid-related overdoses resulted in the death of more than 42,000 in the country. […]

Interventionist in Philadelphia

Interview With Philadelphia Interventionist It was 7:00 AM in Aston, PA located in Delaware County on a cold January morning. The night before I participated in an intense  family education process with the Philadelphia interventionist. A group of 15 of us approached the front door of the home. To our surprise it was barricaded from the inside. He […]

Loving an Addict

Loving a drug addict or an active alcoholic is the hardest thing you will ever do. Watching someone you love, that has fought so hard to beat addiction, throw everything away and sink back into a life that will most likely lead to jail or death, is one of the hardest things you will ever do. […]

Sober Fun While Social Distancing

As Alcoholics Anonymous meetings go online because of coronavirus fears, some in the recovery community worry that won’t be enough Sober fun while social distancing is a challenge for people who struggle with addiction, staying sober can be a daily challenge, even in the best of times, with a stable routine, healthy sleep schedule, and […]

It Only Took One Pill

Late at night in November 2011, Ted Flores was coming home from running errands in Highland, Ind., when a car T-boned his at an intersection. He was lucky. He was diagnosed with only a pinched nerve and a couple of degenerative discs. He tried physical therapy, but it didn’t take the pain away. Then a […]

How To Stop Abusing Drugs – Overcoming Addiction

Are you one of the many people who developed drug addiction? Does a loved one suffer from drug abuse? If you answered one of the above questions with a ‘yes’, you know how hard life can be in the grip of drugs. Overcoming addiction may seem like an impossible achievement, but countless people have managed […]