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In 2015, nearly 1.5 million people in the United States were arrested on some type of drug violation. This number doesn’t even include those arrested for crimes, such as theft and prostitution, which are often due to the drug’s effect on the person’s behavior. For years, court systems have focused solely on punishment, in the form of a prison sentence. However, recent research is proving that professional treatment, such as those offered at rehab centers in Philadelphia and other similar states, are better at fighting drug addiction versus incarceration.


Why Incarceration Doesn’t Work

The thought that a prison sentence will scare drug addictions so much that they will stop using while in jail and after being released just doesn’t prove true. In fact, more than three-fourths of those arrested on drug charges are likely to be rearrested in the future. This is because drug addiction is a disease and like all other diseases it requires proper treatment. Unfortunately, the majority of prisons in the United States either lack, or do not offer adequate, drug treatment services. Even those prisoners that actively seek out help, oftentimes are put on a waiting list and never end up receiving the intense type of treatment required to fight addiction, if any treatment at all.

How Rehab Centers in Philadelphia Can Help

Unlike prisons, rehab centers in Philadelphia focus on rehabilitation versus punishment. The goal of rehab treatment is to treat the person’s specific addiction or addictions and provide them with valuable tools to help prevent relapse. Rehab centers help those struggling with addiction identify triggers, diagnosis mental health issues, and understand the causes behind the addiction. They provide the patient with effective tools, develop a support system, and teach vital life skills to help reduce the risk of relapse after rehab.

Many court systems in the country now allow those struggling with any type of addiction to seek out treatment versus going to jail. If you or a loved one are facing criminal drug charges seek out the services of one of our effective rehab centers in Philadelphia, and find out how you can avoid jail time and get the help you really need to start the road to recovery. Call us today, we’re here to help.