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Drug Addiction in Indiana

Today, a woman from northwest Indiana and her family finally got to that bittersweet place. Bitter, because it’s a dark and defeated space. It’s brokenness, loneliness, and hopelessness. Sweet, because it’s the point of desperation, self surrender, and willingness to try something new. To reach up for that flimsy reed and take a shot and take a chance at defeating drug addiction in Indiana and also the country.

Northwest Indiana

Northwest Indiana is known as “Da Region.” It is the section of the Chicago metropolitan area that overflows past the Indiana border. The Region is a cultural “melting pot” creating a very diverse and unique place that is different by far than any other location in Indiana.

Northwest Indiana is comprised of Lake, Porter, LaPorte, Newton and Jasper counties in Indiana. This region neighbors Lake Michigan and is part of the Chicago metropolitan area. Northwest Indiana is the state’s second largest urban area after the Indianapolis metropolitan area.

drug addiction in Indiana

My Best Friend - Drugs

It’s scary, I remember it well; I knew I didn’t want to use and could not use anymore- but scary still because I felt like I was leaving my best friend, drugs. And though the relationship with my “best friend” was toxic and chaotic, it was my normal. It was what I was used to. Drug addiction was quite the “rock and the hard place”. But deep down inside I knew, that there was no way on earth that the pain of change could ever be as bad as the pain of staying the same. I knew the juice would be worth the squeeze. That’s why we call it the “gift of desperation”.

Plan of Action

And today, this family, this sick and suffering soul, and myself- all empathized and shared this feeling. They in real time, myself in reflection. Collectively we came up with a plan of action, defeat drug addiction in Indiana and then followed through. 
Tomorrow this woman, who has struggled for over a decade with heroin, meth, and countless other substances throughout her battles with addiction- will arise to meet life with one day clean and sober!!!

It is always so heavy and heart breaking to Initially hear the defeat and hopelessness in someone when we first make contact, but it is so worth it and truly amazing to watch the process begin. And to be a part of it. 
Prayers for this woman, her family, and her journey into her new life, please!
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