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For both the family and the individual suffering from addiction, the words “drug and alcohol intervention services” can be terrifying. Often, families think a drug or alcohol intervention is an attack on their loved one and that they are betraying a family bond.

Alcohol Intervention Michigan

Unfortunately, this misconceived notion often prevents them from taking action and getting the individual the help they need— all while harboring the incorrect thought that they are protecting them. We are one of the leading alcohol intervention centers in Michigan who have experienced professionals who know how to handle all types of drug addiction cases.

The harsh reality is that by not taking action the family is only causing more harm. Our drug and alcohol intervention services are designed to address how the loved one’s addiction is hurting them and those around them. Our goal is to show the person that sobriety is possible and that they have a strong support network ready to back them up the whole way.

Superior Services for drug intervention in Michigan

Another misconception about interventions is that they are meant to scare the person straight. Our drug and alcohol intervention services are not designed to intimidate the individual but motivate them to seek outside help immediately. If your loved one is compliant at the end of the drug or alcohol intervention, we will work with you to get them into a treatment facility as soon as possible.

Once we have found a drug and alcohol intervention Michigan program that fits your loved one’s needs, we can make all necessary travel arrangements. If you are afraid they may back out or succumb to their old ways while in transit, we can arrange for a sobriety escort to accompany them on their way to and from the treatment center. As all of our staff have dealt with similar experiences in their personal lives, they understand what the individual is going through and can offer them insight and motivation to stay on the path to recovery.

This period can be one of the most challenging times for the person suffering from addiction. With hours to spend before and between flights, the temptation can set in and lead to them giving into their vices. Our intervention services provide these sober companions to ensure that no matter how badly your loved one wants to give in to their desires, they will not deviate from the plan.
We are here to help free your loved ones from the shackles of addiction and get them on the road to recovery. To speak with one of our consultants, please get in touch with us toll-free at 888-972-8513.

We can help your loved one with our effective, efficient, and affordable intervention services. With our highly qualified staff, the Addiction Treatment Group is one of the leading alcohol intervention centers in Michigan at which you can start your road to recovery. It doesn’t matter where you are, Pennsylvania,
Michigan, or even California; we will bring the intervention services you need
right to your doorstep!

Medical and Psychological Intervention Treatment

For the convenience of our clients, we are open 24/7 and provide intervention services under the supervision of our skilled staff. We not only offer medical treatment for alcohol and drug addiction, but also provide psychological care and treatment as well. We know that medication can be indispensable in getting the results, but psychological assistance is just as integral to obtain and retain motivation and inspiration in the addict.

Personalized Alcohol Intervention Services Plan

The requirements and needs of each patient are different, so we design personalized and individual strategies for each intervention after a thorough discussion with the family and an evaluation of their mental and physical condition.