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We need to understand addiction as being chronic, compulsive, and driven. The addict usually believes it’s simply not possible to give up whatever it is that makes the pain go away. With addiction comes a distorted self-image: a self perceived notion of what you can or cannot accomplish. This altered self-image leads the individual to truly believe it to be impossible to give up their addiction. At the same time, the addict may enter a state of denial; they may will away the changes to his/her appearance, to their children crying, to their supervisor questioning, to concerned family members.

A strong belief sets in that he or she cannot look good, be accepted, and/or live life on life’s terms without using. Overcoming this false belief is an integral step in achieving sobriety. Drug intervention in New Hampshire aims to help such people in turning away from their drug and alcohol addiction. We know the extent of its harm and take the appropriate measures to help your loved one get away and stay away from their addiction.

Drug intervention in New Hampshire

Dynamics of Addiction

Along with psychological changes, addiction brings with it physiological changes. The body adapts to the frequent intake of the substance, and biochemical changes begin to occur in the brain as the dependency takes hold. The natural endorphins and “feel good” brain chemicals cease production without the presence of the substance. Trying to cut down, manage, or substitute the substance will often produce physical discomfort of varying degrees; this is what we call withdrawal.

The addict is now faced with the daily choice of either being left alone with the problems that caused them to start using in the first place, or finding immediate and temporary escape from those problems. Their thoughts are almost always driven by self-promises that go unfulfilled– “just a little bit more, and then I will stop.” The rituals of use can start to create a rush, a thrill, a type of intoxication that can be almost as enjoyable as using. You can enroll yourself or your loved one in our program for alcohol intervention in New Hampshire and let our professionals help the person take back control of their life. Our intervention program is designed to overcome the mental blocks addicts put into place in their own mind.

To underscore the significance of the rituals of use is to ignore an enormous aspect of their lifestyle change. With a companion or interventionist those rituals take on a new sense of significance. The user is being held accountable for their actions, and the cycle of unfulfilled self-promises is interrupted.

Unconditional support and encouragement is vital to the intervention process. The New hampshire drug addiction intervention at our center has helped many people in saying goodbye to their life-threatening drug addiction.