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How to do an Intervention

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How to do an Intervention

Intervention is about changing the family, not just delivering a speech or airing complaints to the addict or alcoholic. Drug addicts and alcoholics are almost always comfortable in their active addiction because of certain people, places and things keeping them comfortable.


Professional Interventionist

How many times has a family called us and asked, “Why do I need you? Can’t we just talk to them ourselves?” Sure you can. However, you already tried that 1,000 times and have been unsuccessful, so what’s going to be different now?

What becomes even more difficult is when a family calls us and says they spoke to their loved one and that the loved one has agreed to go to rehab. Sure, that’s great they are going to treatment, but still nothing has changed within the family system. Soon after treatment, the loved one will return home to the exact unwell, manipulated family system they left and that kept them comfortable in the first place.

Now you know why the success rate of treatment is so low, and it’s because families try and do the intervention themselves or they never do an intervention nor seek codependency counseling to help repair the family system that was broken by the addict or the alcoholic.

The only way to do a truly effective intervention is to hire a professional, because what needs to change first is the family. Until the behaviors that allowed the addiction to get out of control change, the addict or the alcoholic won’t.

Time and time again, we hear families tell us their loved one does not want help, and that is simply not true. They don’t have to get help because the family has provided them with enough comfort that they don’t have to stop and seek treatment.

What people say?

"Jim, there are absolutely no words i could ever find to express to you how truly grateful I am for the gift God gave my family through you!"

 Amanda M.

"Jimmy Reidy saved our son's life and our sanity. Jimmy has an unbelievable amount of knowledge and expertise in getting our son to treatment. Jimmy is top notch when it comes to addiction and recovery."

 Christine L.