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How Does The Body Become Dependent On Alcohol?

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, around 85.6% of people have consumed alcohol at some point in their life. In Ohio specifically, a 2018 survey reported that approximately 19% of adults participated in excessive drinking. Since this number is based on self reports, it is likely the number is actually much higher, but that 19% alone consists of 1,608,312 people.

Many people drink alcohol only occasionally, but many also become addicted. Similar to other drugs, alcohol addiction can be harmful, both physically and mentally. An individual may reach a stage where the need to consume alcohol overtakes all other aspects of their life. They may become unable to function without it. Here, we will talk about the severe form of a drinking problem, i.e. Alcohol dependence. Continue reading to find out what alcohol dependence is and what the common signs of addiction are.

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What Is Alcohol Dependence?

Alcoholism is a chronic condition in which an individual craves alcohol and alcoholic beverages. Individuals with alcohol dependence are less likely to have control over their drinking habits, as this is one of the most severe forms of drinking.

An individual may experience withdrawal symptoms which make the prospect of cutting alcohol out of their life both difficult and seemingly hopeless. Ohio alcohol detox is one of the first steps that can help in treating the condition and moving toward recovery.

The degree of alcohol dependence will vary from person to person. The individual may be psychologically dependent on alcohol to enjoy their downtime.  Some dependent on alcohol may find it helpful to substitute it with something less addictive, while others find they must cut the behavior out of their lives altogether. In either case, it often proves difficult to enjoy or relax in absence of alcohol for an alcoholic. In severe cases, the body will experience withdrawal symptoms such as sweating and nausea.

Signs And Symptoms Of Alcohol Dependence

Alcoholism can be difficult to recognize, and there is no infallible formula to determine whether an individual is addicted or not. Many people consume alcoholic drinks casually and with no repercussions in their daily lives, which is why it can be challenging to identify whose lives are being significantly negatively affected by their drinking. However there are some red flags to look out for.

Below we list some warning signs and symptoms that may indicate an individual is forming an alcohol dependency. Choosing an effective Ohio detox center can be very helpful in addressing these issues before they evolve into something more severe.

  1. Lack of hangover symptoms
  2. The compulsive urge and need to drink
  3. Finding it hard to decline a drink
  4. Avoiding situations where there is alcohol
  5. Prioritizing drinking over family and other necessary things
  6. Hiding alcohol
  7. Hiding while drinking
  8. Experience withdrawal symptoms
  9. Drinking first thing in the morning

What Causes Alcohol Dependence?

A few studies have shown that several factors influence alcohol abuse. Here are some of the commonly cited factors which may contribute to developing alcoholism:

  1. Biological factors – Genetics of an individual may affect their drinking habits, which is why those whose parents exhibited alcoholic tendencies should be very careful.
  2. Social factors – Friends and family members may also affect the likelihood of alcoholism, by affecting a person’s views towards drinking. Many children start experimenting with alcohol at an early stage due to peer pressure or a desire to emulate their parents.
  3. Environmental factors – Individuals who live in close proximity to alcohol stores may be more inclined towards drinking. They may have a more positive outlook towards alcoholism which can ultimately harm their life.
  4. Psychological factors – People dealing with stress and anxiety may be more inclined towards drinking and more vulnerable to developing a dependency. In these cases, alcoholism can even lead to other serious mental health illnesses which may also prove very difficult to treat.

If you find yourself or a loved one exhibiting red flags in conjunction with any of these factors, you should think about consulting a professional from an Ohio detox center to discuss your concerns.

People who are dependent on alcohol have higher chances of experiencing critical health conditions. From physical medical issues to mental health illnesses, alcohol can cause damage to many different parts of the body. Alcohol dependence can ruin families as well as other relationships, both personal and professional.

Alcohol dependence can manifest as increased aggression, which is why Ohio detox can be so important. If your loved one is consuming alcohol excessively, you must immediately look for treatment options. Detox therapy or other treatment options may help prevent it from getting more serious.

How To Reduce Your Drinking And Avoid Becoming Alcohol Dependent

When you start consuming frequently, your brain and body system may become more tolerant to alcohol. The result of this is needing more alcohol to achieve the same effect. It can be very helpful to take breaks and reduce your overall consumption of alcohol if you’re concerned you may be developing a dependency. Reducing alcohol consumption is ultimately the best way to prevent yourself from becoming alcohol dependent.

Several treatment options may help you achieve this objective. Various Ohio detox treatment centers, when visited at the correct stage, can stop the alcoholism from becoming more debilitating.