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Helping someone overcome drug addiction isn’t easy, especially if the addicted individual refuses to admit that their substance abuse is an issue in the first place. We are passionate about finding lasting solutions for people fighting drug addiction. Addiction Treatment Group is not a rehab center — instead, we focus on helping you understand the effects of drugs and finding strategies to motivate lasting changes.

When you need help approaching a drug intervention, contact a specialist who can guide you through the process. The staff at Addiction Treatment Group has years of experience and knowledge that can make all the difference in the success of your intervention. Get your loved one the help they need by reaching out to us in Georgia.

Meet your Intervention Expert

Since finding his own recovery, Jim Reidy has been executing professional interventions for more than ten years. This is his sole purpose and passion. He is a renowned interventionist with a reputation that caught the eye of the producers of A&E’s hit television show Intervention and was featured saving a life on the prime-time program back in September of 2019.   

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Drug Addiction Interventions in Georgia

Drug addiction is a serious and far-reaching issue that has long-term effects on entire families. We work to coach families and bridge any communication breakdowns so that each individual can find success. We understand and respect the uniqueness of every situation, which is why we strive to create strategies that work for you.

Our staff has experience with almost every type of addiction and we are here for you throughout the entire drug intervention process.

Alcohol Interventions in Georgia

Alcohol abuse intervention is one of the most common types of intervention we perform, and alcoholics can be stubborn and challenging to deal with, as you might know, if you have one in the family. Since alcohol is legal, it is often harder for the alcohol abuser to view it as a problem. It can make an alcohol intervention in Georgia very difficult without professional assistance. 

Many alcoholics do not consider their addiction problem to be on the same level as other drug users, particularly those who use illegal drugs (narcotics). This is one of many pitfalls that can occur during an addiction intervention, which is why you need a professional by your side to guide you through the process.

The struggle against addiction to any substance is never an easy battle, but you can overcome it with the right intervention service tailored to your needs.

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