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Jim Reidy literally saved my loved one's life. In doing so, he also saved an entire family. His compassion, kindness, patience, and expertise guided the way so that the person suffering from addiction was able to get past their own obstacles, and begin a healthy journey to a fulfilling life they deserved. The intervention done with family and friends, with Jim as the facilitator, is done with love, empathy, knowledge and the utmost professionalism. As this is a very delicate matter, to say the least, Jim handles every aspect with care, respect, and complete transparency. He is honest, forthright, and holds the family's hand every step of the way.

Thanks to Jim, my loved one has been sober and living their best life for the past 5 years. The family which was once broken, is now enjoying life again together, and are able to share in everyday moments that were once thought to be impossible.

All of the pain is in the past, and everyone is looking towards a bright future as they once again can be together at holidays, family gatherings, and special events. This was all possible because of Jim. Where once hope was lost, Jim made it possible for another chance at life. To say I am grateful is an understatement. We had tried other paths, but nothing worked until Jim Reidy came into our lives. He treats people like his own family, and goes above and beyond to help. Jim is down to earth, humble, and dedicated. Once you meet him, you feel as if you have known him forever. Anyone struggling with addiction, or has a friend or family member that is caught up in the throes of addiction, knows all too well how painful and devastating the cycle can be. It is all consuming, and can be hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Jim was our light. He handled everything from preparing us, to leading the intervention, to getting our loved one into a wonderful rehab facility, to standing by us and keeping us informed with every detail.

Jim really and truly cares, as he clearly puts his everything into helping others. He is a genuine person with the biggest heart, and simply put, he is a life saver. I can't thank him enough.

Melissa O’Neill
King of Prussia, PA

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See How Jim Reidy And The Team From Addiction Treatment Group Are Helping Victims Of Drug And Alcohol Abuse. Our team of drug and alcohol interventionists can help you or loved one get back on track. We have been there so we know what its like!

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Drug and Alcohol Addiction

The drug and alcohol interventionist prepares the family and develops a compassionate but determined plan to speak out loud, in truth, and to present and option for life. As with the lifestyle changes that occur in addiction, there comes a new way of thinking and reasoning. It is all about keeping the pain down and feeling better. The substance becomes his bodyguard against pain and discomfort.

Why not feel good? A new norm of living is quickly established with all the old loves, connections, attachments and principles compromised. The hardest thing for a loved one to understand and accept is, “If he really loved me, he would not do this.”

We are located in the Philadelphia area and serve surrounding Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware and Chester counties. Our Philadelphia drug and alcohol Interventionist has helped many families with a loved one who has suffered with drug and alcohol addiction with our intervention service in Philadelphia PA. We go into the drug scene in Kensington trying to help the people affected by this disease. PHILADELPHIA INTERVENTIONIST CAN HELP YOU!

Family Interventions that saves lives

The Intervention is a process, directed to create change in lives. It represents a courageous step, that you recognize that there is pain and that you can no longer tolerate or accept the distress and fear of losing the one you love. The initiation of an intervention always begins with the formal Team process, directed to address the family’s need to heal, to allow them to find their voice, and to lead the addict to the recovery process.

Members of the Team may be a parent(s), partners, sibling, relative, a best friend, sorority sisters/fraternity brothers, a member of the clergy, a family doctor or the person’s pediatrician, an attorney, peer employee, supervisor, or any other person who is a stakeholder in offering help.

Many believe the goal of the Pennsylvania Intervention is to move the addict into treatment. This is all great, assuming the addict has reached the point to accept with true willingness, that he is moved by the love and support, and messages of hope from his loved ones.

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Plan an Intervention

A spontaneous intervention is never a successful one. Plan ahead by selecting the invitees, location, date and time. It is also wise to hold a practice run beforehand. Here is my step by step guide to help with Philadelphia intervention. Be sure to have multiple treatment options available ahead of time. Speak with the potential treatment facilities to ensure that are ready to take in your loved one. Visit the location and do your due diligence. Plan transportation with a sober escort for your loved one. Pack a bag so your loved one can head to treatment as soon as the intervention is over. Time is of the essence. If too much time passes between the intervention and the start of treatment, your loved one may get cold feet or give in to temptations.


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